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Personalized Approach & Professional 3D Design using state of the art Design software:

We at Crafty Cupboards pride ourselves in the way we deal with our clients, before and after a sale, we invite our client to our office, or send out a sales representative to meet you on site or in the comfort of your own home. We then start the process of planning the project with our client’s ideas and needs first in mind. We work through all the design possibilities and aspects regarding the project we need to prepare a 3D design to present on the next meeting with our client. We then present the design to our client via Email or personal visit to the site and make any changes if needed, where after we prepare a Quote on the scope of work to be carried out. Once the Quote is accepted, we keep in touch with the client and do a pre-installation site visit to ensure everything is correct for the installation to commence on the scheduled date. After the project is completed we give a 2 year warranty of the workmanship. All our hardware carries the warranties of the specified manufacturer.

3D Design & Quote Process:

A design can take up to 7 working days to complete depending on the complexity of the design, and how many options the client requested. After the design has been approved by the client and the client has chosen all materials and finishes, the Quote process can start. This process takes up to 3 days to complete depending on the type of materials etc. that has been chosen. Some materials must be costed by our suppliers before we can add it to our costing. Worktops (If not manufactured by Crafty Cupboards) are normally quote by our supplier and attached to the quote for our client’s convenience.

Manufacturing & Installations:

Manufacturing and installation (Combined Service) lead times may vary due to the type of materials chosen for the project. Our Standard manufacturing lead times are indicated on the quote provided by our sales team.

It is difficult to determine the duration of installation beforehand, as we cannot foresee what may happen on site. However we always try to accommodate our client to the highest level possible. We make use of in house and sub-contractor teams to assist us with larger projects.

We have a senior representative of the company that does regular site visits to ensure all is going according to plan.

Our Team leaders on site are very friendly and highly trained to assist our clients with any problems that may occur.

Manufacturing & Supply:

The Manufacturing & Supply of Duco Sprayed doors & components, Hand painted Doors & components & GLASS SPLASH BACKS lead time are indicated on the quotes provided by our sales team.

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